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Co-ordinating all your elderly care needs together.

Looking after the care needs and financial affairs of loved ones as they grow older presents a complex, sensitive set of challenges.

Too often this involves having to deal with several different, unconnected organisations, which can be a stressful, emotional and protracted process for patients, carers and their families.

People want better support for long term elderly care planning, with a fully integrated approach. Romain Coleman Elderly Care Services does just that.”


Dedicated, Co-ordinated Support

So how do you want your or their care delivered?  Do you need better, more integrated support for your long term elderly care needs?  And who can ensure that your loved ones get the long term care they need and deserve?

Romain Coleman Elderly Care Services is uniquely placed to help you, giving you access to one-to-one, dedicated support to co-ordinate all aspects of elderly long term care.  Our team of care specialists has a better understanding of care provision to meet the varying capabilities of elderly loved ones, and our costs reflect that, often allowing you to make substantial long term savings by organising all of your care needs under one roof.

Quality elderly care services that your loved ones deserve at a quality price

Care needs assessment analysis 

From £850.00 plus VAT and travel costs 

Power of Attorney and legal process support

From £450 plus VAT and the registration fee

Structured elderly care financial planning

Free initial review of finances

Care home inspection and due diligence

From £850.00 plus VAT and travel costs

Elderly care deputyship and management

From £850 plus VAT

NHS care funding eligibility assessment

From £850.00 plus VAT and travel costs

Romain Coleman Elderly Care Services provides patients and their loved ones with legal and financial solutions to help them make the right care choices.

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Whether you are caring for a family member with Dementia, a close friend with Alzheimer’s or a relative with mental or physical incapacity, we can pull together all the different care services they need, put in place manageable and affordable care packages and complete all the paperwork for you.

And if you yourself have been diagnosed with a worsening mental health condition, you too can plan ahead to protect your interests when you can no longer make decisions important decisions about your care.

Care Home Reviews

If you need help reviewing care homes and their terms and conditions so that you make the right choice, our team has the expertise to do this.

Care Funding

We know all the ins and outs of arranging privately or NHS funded care and what support mechanisms are available to you. We are here to guide you through the options.

family elderly care

Our network of specialist care advocates will organise long term care arrangements for you or your loved ones, and provide you with tailored legal and financial solutions to help cover costs and achieve better, more personalised care provision.

From inspecting care homes or their CQC ratings and dovetailing care support packages in the home environment to organising the necessary legal and financial arrangements such as Lasting Power of Attorney documents, we can take care of it all for you as a single point of contact so that you do not have deal with several different areas of the NHS, private care providers and solicitors.

Legal Services

Legal issues arise when caring for somebody and so also cover all the relevant legal services which may be required for you, your family or your representative.

Financial Advice

If you need assistance in financial advice for future care planning, our team of experts can help you put together more sustainable packages of care.

We will give you dedicated support across all aspects of elderly care, as well as a clearer understanding of the legal and financial options for care services and funding availability.

Working together, we help you make informed decisions for achieving better outcomes for long-term elderly care. 

So call us today on 0330 022 5778 (standard landline rates) or 0207 030 4923 to book a consultation and find out how we can deliver your care.

Compliance statement:

Romain Coleman Elderly Care Services puts transparency at the forefront of our work with our clients.

Our legal services are provided by Romain Coleman Solicitors, a firm authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA number 54479). Romain Coleman is subject to professional rules, which can be accessed at sra.org.uk.

Other non-legal services are provided by a network of suppliers, including financial advice from Lloyd & Co, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and care planning from Health Advocacy UK, which is NHS Governance Toolkit Compliant & registered with Information Commissioner’s Office for security of documentation.

Our non-legal services are not therefore provided directly by Romain Coleman Solicitors, are not regulated by the SRA, and do not benefit from certain protections including the SRA code of conduct, solicitors compulsory professional indemnity insurance, the compensation fund and access to the Legal Ombudsman scheme.